Examination table for medical equipment, with monitor holder and the possibility to connect a computer. To be seen as drawing, 3D image and finished product

From the product idea to the finished medical device

Our work starts with the ideas and needs of our customers. Our engineers develop and manufacture complete medical devices and individual components of treatment systems, which are specially designed to meet your needs. 20 years of experience in the medical devices area enable us to transform product ideas into innovative developments. We plan and manufacture high quality economical and traceable products according to the defined processes of the medical device regulation.

Implementing ideas perfectly
Conception, prototype design, approval and series production - our know-how is available to you in all steps in the production process. Our engineering department gives your ideas the perfect form. The design of prototypes provides you with a reliable basis for decisions on the further development of your medical device. We take care of the complete documentation - from the specification sheet to risk management to testing. If your products are intended for the international market, we make them ready for approval.

We think ahead for you
Entrust us with your product - we will implement your ideas as you imagine them:

- We use materials and proven components that meet the standards.

- With 3D printing and new measuring systems we guarantee high-precision manufactured parts.

- With our product scan system, all components are one hundred percent traceable.
  This enables us to offer you complete documentation - from the raw materials of our suppliers to the finished medical

- With proven partners we organize the worldwide shipping of your products for you.

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