3D representation of the Ergo-Tec healthcare bed for the prevention of decubitus (painful pressure sores on the skin).

Projekt PPZ

Improve care through innovative technical solutions

Research project: Nursing practice center for technology interaction and nursing competence - PPZ-Hannover

Nursing care in Germany is facing special challenges because the number of people in need of care will rise continuously in the coming years. Innovative solutions are needed, e.g. in the area of human-technology interaction, in order to continue to provide high-quality care that meets the needs of people in need of care. These innovations can contribute in different areas - geriatric, acute, intensive and palliative care - to maintaining the independence, self-determination and quality of life of people in need of care. Nursing staff and caring relatives can be relieved and more freedom for interpersonal care can be created.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the development and research of innovative nursing technologies and has launched the new "Future of Nursing" cluster in 2017. This cluster includes a nursing innovation centre that is unique in Germany as well as nursing practice centres in Hanover, Freiburg, Nuremberg and Berlin, where new technologies are used and investigated in everyday nursing care.
The PPZ-Hannover has been set up on a ward at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) to test the practical suitability of innovative solutions directly in everyday nursing care.

Das Team des PPZ Hannover (hintere Reihe v. l.: Dr. Holger Hagen, Dr. Jörn Krückeberg, Reza Mazhari, Alexander Dürsch, Peter Prowinsky, Michael Weiss; vordere Reihe v.l.: Dr. Maria Rutz, Prof. Dr. Sigrun Goll, Dr. Regina Schmeer, Prof. Dr. Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg, Dr. Nicole Hechtel.)

The team of the PPZ Hannover (back row from left: Dr. Holger Hagen, Dr. Jörn Krückeberg, Reza Mazhari, Alexander Dürsch,
Peter Prowinsky, Michael Weiss; front row from left: Dr. Maria Rutz, Prof. Dr. Sigrun Goll, Dr. Regina Schmeer,
Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg, Dr. Nicole Hechtel).

Further development and introduction of a novel care system for decubitus prophylaxis

Together with the MHH and the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ergo-Tec, as industrial partner at the PPZ-Hannover, is further developing a product whose construction has already been started in a BMBF-funded project: The aim of this project was to prevent the formation of a decubitus, a painful pressure sore on the skin, in bedridden patients. Technical solutions for decubitus prophylaxis can provide effective support by identifying and relieving pressure-loaded body regions in patients.

For the PPZ-Hannover, Ergo-Tec is developing a bed system with an intelligent and adaptive mattress that recognises the current lying position of the patient and suggests new, relieving positions. After approval by the nursing staff, the change should be implemented by actuators. These are integrated directly into the mattress, as are sensors for recording the pressure distribution. Information on positioning and pressure distribution can be shown on a display on the bed and automatically transferred to the nursing documentation. In this way, the quality of patient care is to be improved, continuously ensured and the burden on nursing staff reduced.

With Ergo-Tec's participation in the PPZ-Hannover, the operability and effect of the product can be tested in the everyday life of nursing staff and patients.

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Promotion project:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Facilitating Care through Research
BMBF Announcement: " Zukunft der Pflege: Mensch-Technik-Interaktion für die Praxis (Future of Care: Human-Technology Interaction for Practice)”
BMBF press release: " Meilenstein für die Zukunft der Pflege (Milestone for the future of nursing)"

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VDI/VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH
Project Management Agency for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Human-technology interaction; Demographic change


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