Illustration: Therapy beds – model Orthospine medical and physio


We develop and manufacture innovative therapy systems – inter alia for patients suffering from acute or chronic dorsal pains. These systems unfold their impact by three-dimensional vibrations and may be employed in orthopaedic practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centres or also in private households.

Therapy bed "Orthospine medical"
The "Orthospine medical" model stands out for its positive influence on the cardiovascular system, contributes to alleviating back pains and helps to reduce tensions and mental stress.

The therapy beds unfold their effect by regulating the tonicity, improving the blood circulation, stabilizing the degree of swelling of the intervertebral discs and by dissolving agglutinations caused by trauma or inflammations.

Therapy bed "Orthospine physio"
Just like the "Medical" model, the therapy bed "Orthospine physio" as well relies on three-dimensional vibrations in the area of the upper part of the body and legs. This patient bed is suitable for performing vibration therapies, extension and thermal therapies.

Our innovations incorporate an ergonomically shaped upholstery and headrest which perfectly adapt to the body shape and support relaxation during therapy.

Disease patterns and syndromes which can be treated with our beds are: sick headache, tension headaches, vertigo and tinnitus, rheumatoid diseases such as e.g. Bechterew’s disease, cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine syndromes, complaints of the intervertebral discs, neurological diseases, e.g. multiple sclerosis, as well as osteoporosis and circulatory disorders.

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